Investor FAQs

  • When was GlobeImmune founded?

    We were incorporated as Ceres Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. in Colorado on February 10, 1995. We changed our name to GlobeImmune, Inc. on May 26, 2001, and reincorporated in Delaware on June 5, 2002.

  • What does GlobeImmune do?

    We are a biopharmaceutical company established in 1995 focused on developing products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases based on our proprietary Tarmogen® platform. Tarmogens activate the immune system by stimulating a subset of white blood cells called T cells that destroy infected or malignant cells, in contrast to traditional vaccines which predominately stimulate antibody production. We believe that our Tarmogen platform has applicability to a number of diseases, and may enable us to develop a broad portfolio of products.

  • Where is GlobeImmune headquartered?

    We are headquartered in Louisville, Colorado.

  • Who is GlobeImmune’s transfer agent?

    Our transfer agent is Computershare.

  • How do I contact Investor Relations?

    Please contact:
    Jeff Dekker