Supply Chain Manager


We are looking for a Supply Chain Manager who can develop, implement and manage cross-functional, fully integrated planning processes that incorporate capacity planning, scheduling, inventory, material and associated cost elements as we begin to recommission a biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Essential Functions: Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establish and implement methods and best practices related to the systems and process that support inventory forecasting, purchasing, and material control.
  • Establish production scheduling activities by monitoring material inventories, tracking progress of production and reviewing factors that affect schedules.
  • Develop and execute a sourcing strategy to meet the company‚Äôs business growth and sourcing requirements. Identify, develop and manage effective relationships with existing and potential suppliers of goods and services to meet the established cost, quality and delivery targets.
  • Work with vendors to expedite orders and deliveries, and to negotiate fair pricing for all goods and services.
  • Coordinate and work closely with Manufacturing and Quality to ensure on-time delivery by establishing and monitoring schedules to proactively identify and address any issues.
  • Ensure the accuracy of inventory counts by implementing and managing an inventory control system that is capable of identifying discrepancies in inventory counts and taking corrective action to guard against inconsistencies in the future.
  • Identify supply chain risks and recommend means of risk mitigation.
  • Review clinical trial protocols and understand impact on supply. Ensure changes in supply configuration, trial design, enrollment timeline, manufacturing availability and regulatory requirements are considered
  • Ensure a safe work environment with safe work habits for self and others.
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